07 March 2014

Ms Trek and Me to be reunited

Since shortly after 2012 Ironman World Championships, (Hawaii October) my lovely berry coloured Trek Madone bike has been untouched, a lonely sight, hanging from a hook in our garage.

Daryl hung it up to clear some floor space when it became obvious, a few weeks after Kona, that I wouldn't be riding anytime soon.  

I have another bike and, on beginning my comeback in October 2013, made a motivational pledge - I would ride my old bike until I'd cracked my first 50km ride.

Actually have yet to do that, but I'm so close it no longer matters.  My rides have become more frequent and time on bike increased and I'm beginning to experience discomfort on my old bike.

So with that in mind, I'm claiming time on that pledge and Ms Trek has been taken down, spruced up and now sits eagerly awaiting my long ride scheduled for tomorrow morning.

The only thing that may jeopardize our reunion is rain. Please Huey, hold off!

Love my Trek bike and being back on her signals an increase in ride distance is happening.

Excited much!! 

Ms Trek and Me formed a close bond in 2012 and are happy to be reunited in 2014

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