25 March 2014

On the cusp

Being born on the cusp of Taurus and Gemini, I know all about being one thing here and another there, with the various horoscopes undecided on when one star sign stops and another begins.  

And so it is with a number of other things in my life.

Shoes for example.

I've just gone through the rather frustrating process of replacing my running shoes. 

For years I've stuck with Asics.  Years ago I could waltz in and buy a new pair of size 8.5 (US) without even trying them on and know I could go out and run in comfort.  

Then came Ironman!  As training increased and I had a couple of events under my belt, I soon realised I was more comfortable on race day if I wore a size 9 to accommodate the inevitable feet swelling I experienced during the marathon.

Wearing the larger size also made for far fewer black toenails.  But it did mean that I was constantly having to decide what size shoe to buy - the 8.5's which fit perfectly well or the 9's.

Easy, have a pair of both on hand.  8.5's for more social exercise and walking and the 9's for longer training runs and race day.

That logic worked well until recently when I experienced some pain and swelling in my right foot which turned out to be joint degeneration with some arthritis thrown in.

A recent visit to the podiatrist for treatment armed me with metatarsal spreaders and a new list of suitable running shoes.

Here in Darwin we are inclined to herald the approaching dry season with new runners and thankfully those I had always worn were included on that list, as I had a pair in reserve and out they came just this week.

To my disappointment they were a reserve pair of 8.5s and there was no way my right foot was going to fit into that shoe.

Thinking it an ideal opportunity to try out the other Asics model and the different brand on the podiatrist's list, I headed into the sports store.

And there was that cusp thing again.  9's fitted in one model of Asics and not the other.  With the other brand, 9's were way to small but the 9.5's had me sliding out of the shoe of my "normal" left foot.  

So there it was, even my feet are now on the cusp. 

Needless to say I came away from the store with a very bright coloured model update of those that I normally wear.

If you know anyone in the market for a pair of size 8.5, I have a pair going cheap!

And clothes, there's another area where I live constantly on the cusp.

I have tri shorts in small and medium.  My cupboard also boasts tri tops in sizes extra small and small.  

In knickers I have 12s and even some 14s.  Tshirts vary between small and medium.  Dresses between 10 and 12. 

Jackets, cardigans and jumpers are an even bigger raffle with sizes covering from 10 to 14.  

With that in mind the news from parcel tracking that my Team SOAS gear has actually made it to Australian shores, fills me with some trepidation. 

Will they fit well, be slightly big or slightly small?  Living on the cusp means trying on will be done with fingers tightly crossed. 

Come on delivery man, there is only one way to find out which side of the cusp I'm on this time. 

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