13 March 2014

Take a dose of cement

Though not actually wallowing in self pity, I haven't been out and about much since slip sliding to that abrupt stop out there on the bike path on Monday.

Unfortunately training came to a halt following the fall and I've now missed two swim sessions, ditto runs but did manage to get on my bike yesterday (Wednesday) afternoon for a little spin down to watch Daz's run group hard at it.

My shoulder is still the main area of concern, though my sore neck seems to have improved and the bump on the back of my head has now gone down.

That bump could have been a whole lot worse as I now find I'm up for a new bike helmet. The one I was wearing has a couple of nasty cracks where it protected my skull from hitting the bike path even harder than it did. 

The bruising on my thigh, though colourful and ouchy if bumped is on the mend and the swelling on my ankle has gone down.

Though still needing to ice my shoulder this morning, I detected during the day through gentle experimentation that a lot more movement was possible and there are only a couple of actions that elicit an expletive. 

So with that improvement, it was time to take a dose of cement and stop thinking about what I can't do (swim) and get on with what I can.

With that in mind I went through the rather lengthy process of kitting up for a bit of a ride.  Though I can now manage raise my arm, the crossover action required for getting into & out of undies and tops is still surprisingly painful.

Finally dressed and out on the road on Ms Trek I was pleasantly surprised to discover that I am able use my aerobars quite comfortably. 

With that confidence booster, I will try and run again in the morning.  My "see if I can run" effort late on Tues and then again yesterday were too jarring to continue but with another night, some more shoulder icing I'm game to give it another crack! 

By the way, I did report the section of bike path where I came down as dangerous (NT Government have a very easy to use reporting link on their website) and today received feedback that it would be investigated.  They also wished me a speedy recovery ... nice touch!

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