22 March 2014

Three good things

After starting to doubt it may ever happen, found myself quietly celebrating today after finally cracking a 50km ride this morning. 

I thought I may have thrown my hands in the air, at least put up a clenched fist in triumph but truthfully it was more a "thank goodness" moment. 

It was also a little emotional ... giving me hope that I may in fact be able to make  the 90km on the bike by the end of May.

Truth be told, after crashing and injuring my shoulder at the beginning of last week the set back in training was a little worrying.

For the first time ever I found myself checking out cut off times for Honu and seriously considering whether I may have been a little ambitious!

So making that magic 50 this morning is a very welcome step in the right direction. 

I also had a second small triumph - taking my first Gu in well over a year and finding that it didn't cause any ill effects.  

My friend Kylie snapped my Gu moment this morning!

Third on the list of my good things - my Team SOAS kit is on its way having been despatched from San Diego, and last tracked as being sorted through a Los Angeles facility. That means the parcel is winging its way somewhere along the remaining 12,688 kilometres to Darwin.  Excited much!!

Very much looking forward to firstly heading down to a local tri in the morning and then tracking friends at Ironman Melbourne.  Looks as though they will have a cool and perhaps drizzly day but everyone will be happy that the seas are relatively calm and the swim course unaltered. 

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  1. Keep on trucking! I looked up SOAS, and your blog popped up.