05 March 2014


With my renewed focus on training for Ironman 70.3 Hawaii firmly intact and blisters healed enough to no longer be a valid excuse for not donning the Asics, it was hit the road time this morning.

As this was my first run since returning to Darwin from London a few days ago, I couldn't help but compare the many differences I noticed.

First up there were heavy wet season clouds just off the coast with flashes of lightning lighting up the pre-sunrise sky (yes I did manage to overcome the jetlag enough to respond to the alarm). This was a sharp contrast to the dull grey London skies of my last few runs.

The weather conditions, though showing some similarity, couldn't have been further apart:

Temperature:  4 degrees C
Wind:  13km/h SW
Humidity:  87%

Temperature:  26 degrees C
Wind:  16km/h SE
Humidity:  94%

In London I was wearing long run tights, thermal socks, thermal singlet, thermal top, beanie and gloves.  This morning in contrast, it was shorts, singlet and low rise cotton socks (a dressing time of about 2 mins compared to the quarter of an hour, + some, it took to be ready to hit the road in the UK).

Grabbing a quick drink at a bubbler also led to another comparison between the cities.

London water from the Victoria Park fountains was so cold it made my teeth ache whereas here in Darwin, the water on offer from the bubblers along the foreshore is warm enough that one could use it to brew a weak cup of tea. Yes, seriously it is that warm.

At the finish of my last run in London I was presentable enough to jump on a No 26 bus to get home, but this morning I was a dripping sweaty mess and stayed on the foreshore stretching and cooling down before walking home and going straight into a cold shower.

As well as those delightful differences between locations, all that London sightseeing running also paid off for me.

I enjoyed being home, enjoyed running warm and my Garmin also informed me that I had clocked another improved 5km PB during my run this morning.

Unexpected, but I'll take it!

Hawaii here I come.

Grey London skies now replaced by Darwin storm clouds. 

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