09 March 2014

Wagging my tail

OK I admit it.  

I'm wagging my tail after managing to end my training week on a high! 

As if being back on my Trek yesterday for the first time in over a year wasn't enough, during this evening's run I clocked up another post chemo 5km PB. 

Slowly but surely all things training are starting to fall into place.

Here's where things currently sit for me at 83 days out from Ironman 70.3 Hawaii:

Longest swim: 1.3km 
Longest ride: 40.3km 
Longest run/walk:  9.5km 

Regular readers of this blog will notice there is absolutely no change to those figures since the last time I did a progress recap.  Am I concerned? Hell no.

While the length of my longest swim hasn't changed the amount of swimming I am now doing has definitely increased.

Ride sessions have until now have been averaging three per week. A glance at my new program indicates that from this coming week they are also increasing in duration, so interesting times are ahead in the pedal department.  

That news also signals the time when nutrition on the bike is going to come into play. 

As not a single gel has passed these lips since Kona in 2012, I'm going to have to relearn to like the taste and texture.

I've always been a Gu user, with Plain and Vanilla my favourites.  I think I'll start with those again and see how I go. 

Perhaps I should also make that often considered appointment with a nutritionist.

The difficulty is that they are fairly thin on the ground in Darwin and the search to locate someone who could get their head around my medical history as well as my training requirements has, to date, proved fruitless.

Back to recapping - that run distance also remains the same although this evenings PB confirms that putting one foot in front of the other is also on the up. 

So at the end of another busy week, it is the improving run consistency that is most pleasing.

Love it when I upload to Garmin and see those wiggly lines starting to appear closer to where they should be, may there be many more tail wagging days to come. 

And here's some gratuitous bike porn to share!
My friend Em rode this little beauty for the first time at our local race this morning.

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