10 March 2014

What a difference a day makes!

Yesterday I was crowing about finishing the week on a high.

Today also got off to an awesome start, first a busy couple of hours of admin achievement and then it was time to ride.

Amazed at what being back on Ms Trek had done for my ride enthusiasm, I started out feeling fantastic, looking forward to increased time on the bike and decided to head off in the direction of Robertson Barracks where there is a great section of bike path, very suitable for the efforts I was programmed to do.

While still riding my old bike I had mainly stuck to bike paths but recently patches of broken glass had begun to appear (I think due to the closure of the bottle recycling depot at Nightcliff) so I ventured out on to the road again today.

McMillans Road is one of our busiest but can, for a large part, be avoided by using a service road that runs parallel and this is what I used until it ran out and I switched back to the path. 

So the scenario goes something like this:  Sunny dry morning, gentle breeze, bike path mostly empty, tootling along happily without a care in the world when suddenly I find myself in a shaded patch.

That shade proved mighty dangerous as it disguised a damp, slippery area covered in  a layer of slime consisting of mud mixed with tree blossoms.

Suddenly I was slip sliding all over the place.  I could see the end and for a split second thought my superior (cough, cough) cycling skills would get me through.

But no, a very frisky Ms Trek slipped out from under me and down I went. 

With no time to get my feet out it all happened in a flash but I remember it now in slow motion.  

First my ankle hit the deck followed by the length of my thigh.  Then my shoulder crashed into the concrete followed soon after by my head.

I'm here tonight to tell you from first hand experience that anyone who rides a bike without a helmet has a death wish.

With no one around, it was rather eerie.  I was seeing stars and the world was upside down. 

I gingerly ran through the list - I'm conscious, my head has been slammed but otherwise seems ok, my leg is hurting and the bike is on top of me but there's no bark off anywhere that I can tell and boy oh boy is my shoulder hurting.

Somehow I got myself untangled and then decided to phone Daryl so he would know where I was and could be on the line while I tried to stand.  

Predictably he wanted  to come pick me up but with adrenaline flooding my system I manage to stand, then do another stocktake on what's hurting and I say I'm ok to ride home.  

Silly I hear you say, but those guys who ride TdF pick themselves up, shake themselves off after crashing and get back on the bike so I thought I should as well.

So on a promise of calling in again in 10 mins and giving the route I am taking I hang up.  

Looking at my bike laying on the ground...

I am suddenly angry with myself.  I had come through here recently in the opposite direction and made a mental note then to report the area as being unsafe.  If I had carried through on that, perhaps it would have been cleaned up and this wouldn't have happened.

So I gingerly walk back through the muck, and start riding home.  After 10 mins I check in to let Daz know I'm fine and tell him that riding home will be good for my confidence.  By then I already know my shoulder has been damaged.

Thinking on the positive side, halfway home I was planning out an alternative kick set to replace swim squad tomorrow. But by the time I arrived home it was evident that my shoulder, neck and head had taken the brunt of the fall so I've spent the rest of the day packed in ice.

I've dosed up on painkillers now already knowing getting into and even more so, getting out of bed in the morning is likely to be a tad painful.

But hey, I'm grateful. At least it didn't happen on the road, I don't think I have done too much damage and at no stage did I feel I needed to bother them at A & E.  Am also very grateful there is no road rash to worry about. 

Sure I'll be bruised and be sore, perhaps very sore for awhile (tomorrow will tell).  I'm also happy Ms Trek slid well and survived with very little damage.  

What a difference a day makes!

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