25 April 2014

Days are blurring

I'm in the middle of a big build in my training and the days are blurring into a familiar pattern of swim, bike, run, wash, eat, sleep and then do it all over again ~ I wouldn't have it any other way.

My new program popped up in my Inbox today (as it does each Friday) and I caught a glimpse of a couple of scheduled rest days next week.  They are well timed as this week I've found I'm heading for bed early and if the opportunity arises, also nodding off (power napping) in the afternoon.

As if that wasn't enough to cope with, I also had a bad hair day so I've added some body maintenance into the mix with haircut and dental appointment top of the list. 

With only thirty six days to go until Hawaii 70.3, I'm very focused on getting my training done but as always I don't run a step further, push those pedals even one extra revolution than necessary nor swim a single stroke more than is programmed.  

Worked for me in the past and I'm hoping for more of the same next month. 


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