18 April 2014

How many are too many?

My hoard of caps and visors seems to have grown.

I did have a clutter free phase a couple of years back and bravely culled a few that were looking worse for wear.

Thinking it was time to rationalize the collection again, I started off with good intentions and then found myself going down memory lane.

I remember that one! It was a special edition made for the very first Bali International Triathlon held at Jimbaran Bay. Very feminine back then, with it's pink flower logo, it holds special significance as a souvenir of the race at which I managed an overall podium place and picked up some very nice prizes.  
And this one ... it's from Ironman Malaysia in 2008.

Over there is the Ironman World Championship finisher's cap from the same year, my first ever, so it is cherished.

Then there are the Kona caps from 2009, 2010 and 2012, no way I can part with those.

Nor that one! It's from Metaman Bintan half in 2012, the only time I've wopped Daz in a triathlon.  It stays!

Special edition Powerbar black visor from Ironman Malaysia, mmm it's also a favourite. As is the 30th anniversary edition they made in blue for that special Hawaii milestone.

This tatty old Tri Travel cap is a memento from way back when Rod sent some sponsorship product through for our NT Long Course at Lake Bennett.

The Dare2Tri is a comfy little number, so to the Compresssport visor.  OK, they stay.

The Cobra Ironman 70.3 Philippines red and white designs from Cam Sur are a bit beat up and battered, ditto a My List visor from Kona.  

The Darwin Triathlon Club cap and visor have meaning, not just because they are from my home club but because I initiated the Headsweats order and signed off on the design. Love them, they are so easy to spot particularly at away races and I'm reliably told they are great conversation starters. 

The yellow visor is from the most recent NT Sprint Distance Championships sponsored by a local real estate firm. I remember keeping the man behind Ray White Darwin company at running and swimming while he trained for his first triathlon.  I love that he is still passionate all these years later.

My SOAS visor is perfect for our Darwin weather and the SOAS trucker is part of our Team SOAS kit so it also has very special meaning.

That blue one is the old junior tri visor (sponsored by Cycle Zone), can't part with that.  This one was given to me by Alex back when Team TBB was still The Bike Boutique.

No way will I part with the City2Surf version, that came from Rosie and I love the blue detail.

Actually it is too hard to part with any!  Back in the cupboard they go.

So how many are too many?

Some of my cap & visor collection

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