20 April 2014

Oh what a feeling

I'm ready for an early night.

How I stayed awake while having a (well deserved) massage this afternoon is beyond me.

The Easter break has been a real challenge on the training front.

Happy to report that I met that challenge head on and at forty one days out from Honu my stats are now showing:

Longest swim:       2km
Longest ride:        72.6km
Longest run/walk:  13.3km

That's looking a lot healthier than a few months ago when I was thinking I may have been a little over ambitious.

After achieving (post op) personal bests over all disciplines during these past few days, I'm am completely wiped out and eyelids are drooping.

But, more importantly, I'm feeling very optimistic that I may just make the distance at the end of next month.

Oh what a feeling!

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