27 April 2014

Pardon me

This week's training was pretty important ahead of Honu and required a rather single minded attitude to get me through everything on my program.

"Just get on with it" has been my constant mantra but after a long ride yesterday, following on from a week which also saw a step up in run distance, getting up to face a brick session this morning was somewhat difficult.

It took two alarms and a three-peat of "just get on with it" before my feet actually hit the floor.

But get on with it I did - with a little motivation from Daz's squad (also doing bricks of various distances).

With four heading for Ironman Australia, a couple to IM 70.3 Busselton and the rest fired up for club champs (all on next weekend) as well as five of us coming into some form ahead of IM 70.3 Hawaii the energy vibes were electric - and catching. 

Still dark and Ms Trek was set up and ready to go

All things being equal I would normally have been running off the bike ages ago, but my crash and subsequent sore neck and shoulder had delayed things a little.

I need not have worried as, much to my surprise, I was pretty steady throughout the 9km bike, 3km run x 3, particularly on the bike. 

Bike 1 done and dusted

Pretty much as expected, running off the bike was a different story.  I positively flew through the first of my three kilometres.  

Second time around required a quick pit stop on the run and by kilometre three I found I was slowing a little.

Ride three was again steady, and starting the final run I did feel as though I was struggling.  My run time was still acceptable but would have been better if the feeling was more comfortable. 

The end result ie making it through my first brick since before Kona in 2012, it was still quite a confidence booster.

From 30 min walks, half a swim squad and 30 minute rides less than six months ago, it feels awesome to have made it through this week and ticked all the boxes.

So pardon me while I wag my tail - at the end of big training week, with a rest day scheduled for tomorrow, I'm more than happy with my progress and extremely grateful for all the encouragement received. 

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