29 April 2014

Setting outrageous goals

That rest day yesterday was well deserved and a great opportunity for me to have some overdue body maintenance, in the form of a dental checkup, as well as providing time to tackle a zillion other little things on the "to do" list that had been accumulating.

So last night as we headed out to dinner with friends, I was feeling rather smug with sparkling teeth, mail sorted, bills paid, floors clean, an almost empty washing basket, stocked refrigerator and overflowing pantry cupboards.

Fast forward to this morning and it was a little difficult to rise when the alarm went off (rest day a bit of a misnomer) and there certainly wasn't a lot of shine from me at 5.15am.  

By 6am I'd pulled myself together enough to dive in and give swim squad the required attention and effort, but as the day progressed and ride time was approaching, I was feeling all out of "get up and go".

Just as I was starting to make some feeble excuses for perhaps leaving it until tomorrow, a timely tweet popped up with a link to the wonderful Witsup website and from there to a post intriguingly titled Piping Up - Pipe Dreams - Seven Reasons to Set Outrageous Goals by Lucy Piper.

It was a much needed kick in the pants and had me heading out on the bike and doing my out of the saddle efforts with renewed enthusiasm.

While riding I was able to reflect on setting my own goal, which is now fast approaching.

Back in June last year, living with the rather horrendous side effects of chemotherapy and with three more treatment rounds still to be endured, the black dog was taking hold and we decided what I was lacking was a goal.

So there I was, with abdominal scars barely healed, underweight, lacking energy, easily fatigued, struggling to swim 50 metres if and when I got to the pool, off my bike forever and leaning on my friend Irongirl to motivate me to go for a walk, now searching for an appropriate goal.

Many options came to mind and were considered - attend a cooking class maybe, finish that family tree research perhaps, take up yoga possibly.

But no, in the end I decided I wanted my life back (well as near to as possible) and that meant I wanted to include swim, bike, run and to do another triathlon.

Not just any triathlon, if I was going commit and make it worthwhile, it had to be at least a half ironman distance, something worth getting up for.

Triathlon has always been a together thing for us, so it also had to be at a location Daryl would enjoy and sign up for as well.

And it had to be warm enough for a non wetsuit swim.  And somewhere we could could soak up some sun and sand afterwards.

No contest - it had to be Hawaii!  That word motivates me and certainly put a sparkle back in my eyes at the time.

No secret that we love Hawaii and knowing if we waited until I got the medical all clear the event would probably be sold out, we signed up there and then for Ironman 70.3 Hawaii. 

Goal set:    16 July 2013
Race date:  31 May 2014

I'm glad I set that outrageous goal way back then and raised a few eyebrows!

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