02 April 2014

Sweating in style

Running this evening I thought about those team mates still posting winter themed photos or pics of rugging up in their SOAS hoodie.

That made me wonder when I may have a chance to wear mine.

Hoodie wearing is not something we get much opportunity for here in Darwin. At best there may be a handful of early mornings in the Dry Season when the temperature drops enough to raise a goose bump worthy of donning a hoodie to cover.

Mind you, many of us thin blooded Top Enders have often thought we should grab a cardi when we are going grocery shopping.    Perhaps I'll take my SOAS hoodie next time I'm heading for the freezer sections at the supermarket as ten minutes in those aisles have been known to induce blue lips and white finger tips!  

Seriously most of the time we are concentrating on keeping cool (and getting enough to drink). 

Take this evening. The temperature was 32 degrees Celsius (feeling like 36) and humidity was a mere 56%.

And it was run time. 

It is not unusual when we stop running to drip so much sweat that a puddle forms at our feet.  And we think nothing of it!

Today I can honestly say I was sweating in style as Team SOAS hit the Darwin streets!

Sweating in style!

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