14 May 2014

Badge of honour

The countdown to Honu is well and truly on with just 17 days until race day and even less until we fly out.

Looking at my training program for the rest of the week tells me I still have some tough sessions to get through before the big day.  No mythical two week taper for this little underdone wannabe Comeback Queen.

The training stats are slowly creeping up and now sit comfortably at:

Longest swim:  2km
Long ride:        77.4km
Longest run:     16.43km

That longest run was achieved this afternoon in 32 degrees C, starting out fresh faced and looking good in my SOAS run kit but ending up as a rather grubby, sweaty, dripping mess after a couple of hours which included negotiating some roadworks, and some off road running.

I've managed to pull up with a throbbing, blackening toenail as well.

Given that I haven't had a dead nail since Kona in 2012, I'll wear this one like a badge of honour signifying a long run done well at last!

True that!


  1. excited to meet you at Honu!!!!

    1. Thinking we will be easy to spot in our Team SOAS gear :)

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