23 May 2014

Busy week

This week has so far included a blur of training, checking travel arrangements, birthday celebrations, meetings, lunch dates, massage, fantastic dry season weather and realizing that departure day is rapidly approaching. 

So our bags are out and packing has begun, albeit it at the "think of it - throw it in the general direction" stage.

A most important item, my bike aka Ms Trek, has already visited Cycle Zone and is totally race ready, and like us, I swear is looking forward to heading to Hawaii again.   

For good measure during this busy week, I've also thrown in some future planning - those few final long bike sessions have been an ideal opportunity for reflection!

Between Daz and I, we have a bucket list that is getting longer, not shorter and I'd like to think we can make plans to ensure some of those "I've always wanted to ..." moments happen sooner rather than later.

This time last year returning to Hawaii to compete had rocketed to the top of my list.

It is hard to believe that before I know it, race day will be here (now just eight days away) and very soon my comeback goal (successful or otherwise), will be done.

What then?

I can't imagine my life without swim, bike, run so those elements are sure to stay somehow.

Just when, where and in what form is also something to think about - perhaps post race while staring out to sea lying on the sands of Waikiki.

But before I have to decide, there's a final bike/run brick tomorrow, a couple of days travel and Ironman 70.3 Hawaii to be done!

Excited much!!

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