05 May 2014

Long weekend

We are having another long weekend in the Territory.  We seem to have a lot of them at this time of year.

First there was Good Friday, followed Easter Monday, then by Anzac Day and now today we celebrate May Day. Soon it will be Queen's Birthday weekend.

It is a great time to be in Darwin given it is before the full influx of dry season visitors and also the time when locals head out to get some camping done - making around our neck of the woods a relatively peaceful place to be these past few days.  

Translated that also means that it is far quieter on the roads ~ a plus for longer rides!

Speaking of longer rides, mine are getting longer and longer ahead of Hawaii 70.3, now only 27 days away!

My key training sessions are increasing in duration now. After I made my cautious way through a long brick session over the weekend, I was pleasantly surprised at just how much enjoyment I derived from completing it.  

The couple of hours on the bike passed without incident aside from having to pull up to negotiate around a few human speed bumps sleeping across the bike path and dodging some broken glass.

Off the bike and onto the long run (ok I'll come clean .. it is still a run/walk) also had me thinking that I was starting to find that magical "zone" again where you are unaware of time passing by and suddenly it is almost time to finish! 

With that done and dusted, I was free to athlete track Ironman 70.3 Busselton and then help out at our annual club championships yesterday morning (a rest day for me).  

I took a zillion photos for the club social media and also Daz's website. This is my pick from the swim ...

Once the event gear was packed away, we headed for home there to resume athlete tracking - this time for Ironman Australia. Daryl had four athletes competing and we also had numerous friends racing.  Also on my tracking list was fellow SOAS Ambassador Jo Homer.

With athlete tracker not up to the task (throwing up seriously weird splits, times and averages) it was a case of one eye on Twitter and one on live coverage, with intermittent searches on Facebook followed by another hopeful search on tracker - over and over again!

My awesome motivator Kylie was in field - nine months after the birth of her gorgeous little tri baby and having made the call to compete only nine weeks out.  

To be fair, she had started training again after getting a spot at Alcatraz (1 June) but all the same to see her lining up for her 8th iron distance event, this time heading off with a baby on her hip, was amazing. 

With her partner and this gorgeous little bundle of love on the sidelines waiting, Kylie pulled out a super effort to finish well under 12 hours!  

I was stoked also for M who went 9.30 (again) and A who clocked a huge pb. H was in it for a good time, not a fast time and was charity fundraising on the go. Supercoach Daz is a happy man! 

And those friends? At least three have qualified for Kona (that I know of), a couple have already signed up for the 30th anniversary event next year, one got blown off their bike (it was very windy) and wasn't able to finish and one finally made the finish after a few attempts. 

SOAS girl Jo also finished, looking great the whole way.

I find a good dose of athlete tracking so motivating.  Have already been to the pool and ticked a swim box and as I have my program in front of me for this coming week I can see I'll be drawing on that motivation just to make my way through it.

Have to love a long weekend!


  1. Sub twelve with a 9 month old? Quite impressive! :-) And what a cutie! Yay for long weekends and glad your training is going well!

    1. Yes she is definitely a super IronMum.