27 May 2014

Thanks Doc

Currently in a whirlwind of packing, cleaning (don't want to arrive home to find a mob of cockroach squatters have taken over) and for some reason, stressing!

We are on the way tonight and this Comeback Queen is beginning to think that wishes do come true and I will be on the start line at Hapuna Beach on Saturday morning (albeit shaking in my boots).

I remember thinking when I entered that it would probably turn out to be a pipe dream.

Sure I needed the motivation just to get up in the morning, but to actually think I could regain enough fitness to seriously contemplate doing another half ironman, was a little unreal back then. 

I entered and talked the talk but all the while thinking I'd just be happy to make it over to the Big Island for a holiday.

But little by little I've gotten fitter and fitter, and somehow I do believe that it will be possible for me to finish this event come Saturday.

Fittingly the publicity for Bowel Cancer Month (June) is gaining momentum and just today I saw a link to a news segment that features Dr Lumley, the brilliant colectoral surgeon who operated on me in Brisbane last year.

I am so grateful that he undertook the challenge to carry out my surgery, and his skill is surely the reason I'm still here.  He sure overturned my original diagnosis of inoperable made when they found my cancer had reappeared!

When I cross that line, I will be thinking of him and I intend to send him a finisher photo and a big note of thanks!!

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