10 May 2014

Time flies when you are having fun

One should never look back.

But I did.

Back through the photos taken of our trip to compete in Ironman 70.3 Hawaii in 2008.

And that triggered a lot of memories about my very first experience on the Big Island.

I've been remembering how beautiful it was to swim at Hapuna Beach, and how exciting it was to be riding for the first time on the famous Queen K Highway followed by the exhilaration of reaching Hawi and then riding back down. 

I recalled thinking then that it was only a small portion of the Ironman bike course, but it was enough to build a very healthy respect for those who had ever done the full distance.  

It is the run course which remains etched most clearly in my memory - quite simply because it was so difficult - all twists and turns and ups and downs, over a variety of terrains (asphalt, sand, grass, cement) followed by a long out and back stretch that seemed then to go on forever and ever. 

Recalling that run course has triggered a little anxiety.  You may recognise the inner conversation - 

"What on earth was I thinking?"

"Whose idea was this anyway?"

"Why didn't I just choose a shorter distance?"

"Will I actually make it through this goal race?"

I'm quietly confident that I will manage the swim distance.  

My feet aren't nearly as tough as they used to be and it will be interesting to see how long it takes to make my way up the hill from the beach and into T1. 

Right now with enough longer rides (though not yet an actual 90km) under my belt, I'd say I'm also a fair chance to make it through the ride, providing of course, that it isn't one of those extremely windy days (that can and do occur) where you can be blown across the road or heaven forbid, off your bike. 

But looking at the run course map today has put me a little on edge and a sneaky little slither of doubt is niggling away at my confidence about my ability to get through the run.

So there, it's out in the open.  

What to do?

Get the alarm set, get the gear ready, get out there tomorrow and do my run program to the best of my ability and trust that Supercoach will once again have me in good enough shape to get through.

And those questions ...

"What on earth was I thinking?"  

A: How wonderful it would be if I could be fit enough again to make the start line at Hawaii 70.3

"Whose idea was this anyway?"

A:  Mine.  Well OK, perhaps also a certain friend who was thinking of making a birthday celebration of it and yet another who will now be on the start line of Alcatraz instead. 

"Why didn't I just choose a shorter distance?"

A: Originally I wanted my comeback to be an iron distance event but common sense prevailed.  

"Will I actually make it through this goal race?"

A:  Not long now until I find out!

Twenty two short days in fact!  Time flies when you are having fun. 

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