20 June 2014

Swim fears

If I tell you that I still bear the scars from, and remember the pain of my up close encounter with jelly fish at Ironman Malaysia (Langkawi) in 2009 

you will probably understand why entering the Fannie Bay Swim is a pretty big deal for me.

For a long time after I got those stings (picture above was taken around three weeks afterwards), I would startle and shake violently if I so much as bumped into a leaf while swimming. 

Previously unconcerned about what I might be sharing water with, being badly stung alerted me to all the scary critters out there.

That I returned to Langkawi in 2010 and was stung again within 10 minutes of entering the water for a practise swim only reinforced the thought that I was now very much piscatorially challenged.  

Even swimming in the beautiful water of Hawaii held a certain amount of terror.  Last time I raced at Kona there was a shark sighting in the week leading up to Ironman and I was pretty much scared witless. 

Before diving in at Hapuna Bay recently, I needed to take a very, very deep breath before taking the plunge. 

So why on earth have I entered the Fannie Bay Swim on Sunday knowing that there have been swimmers stung in previous years and that just this week there have been croc sightings?

Not just any old croc sighting, this one has been cruising in the very area the 2.1 km swim will take place - from Pee Wees to the Trailer Boat Club!

This is the 10th year of the Fannie Bay Swim and I've been down and watched them all.  

I usually take photos like this set from last year. 

I could very easily have done the same thing this year but I had mentally placed this event on my bucket list and it holds a fear that needs to be faced.

So wish me luck as I attempt meet another 

this Sunday.

Survival pending, I'll let you know how I go!

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