27 July 2014

Comeback V2 underway

Finally I have ticks on all my sessions - the first full week of training I've done since the end of May. 

A few lazy weeks post Hawaii 70.3 followed by flu certainly put a dent in my fitness, so those ticks are proof positive that Comeback V2 has started. 

Friday was a public holiday here due to the Darwin Show taking place and the long weekend was the perfect time to be out riding as there was not a lot of traffic on the roads. 

My sessions have been focused on easing back into training and I'd been using my old bike up until the weekend but have now decided that I'm going for comfort from here on in.

The old bike will still be there when the wet season returns but until then it will get to hang on a hook. 

Ms Trek is going to Cycle Zone for some TLC tomorrow as the gears need a little adjustment after being tuned for my race wheels.  

Ms Tek has an appointment for some TLC tomorrow

Once that's done we will be seeing a lot more of each other in the four months leading up to Challenge Phuket. 

Our local long course triathlon takes place in three weeks.  After Hawaii I had half thought I may have been able to continue on and take part, but after being sick that's not happening.

In the meantime, I'm happy to have the Challenge Phuket Comeback V2 carrot dangling out there as something to work towards.

21 July 2014

Add a little determination

In an effort to impress our accountant, this past week I made my way through a pile of statements and receipts hoping to get a jump on tax return preparation. 

Commenced with the very best of intentions, those return details are still incomplete but please don't let on about that.

You see, I got sidetracked when I happened across a box filled with an eclectic collection of old triathlon related "stuff".  

Newspaper clippings, magazine articles, jokes, photos etc saved from the now long gone days when I produced newsletters using the cut and paste method with real scissors and glue and then spent hours at the photocopier!  

So there I was off on a tangent and one thing lead to another and suddenly I found myself flicking through a pile of old triathlon results.  

Which then got me thinking (as I followed my shaky progress through the various age groups via those results booklets) about when is the right time to give it all away?

I've kept thinking about this, on and off, as I recommenced training this week and my body moaned and groaned a little under the strain.

Then last night I was keeping half an eye on the live race tracking from Challenge Roth.

I've a soft spot for both Luke McKenzie and Daniel MacPherson and both guys were competing, as was Sister Madonna Buder, Stef Hanson of Witsup.com fame, Holly Bennett (Triathlete mag & fellow wearer of all things SOAS Racing)  and there were two in my category (one I knew from Kona).

Kissing my cheek brings good tri luck (seriously)

So there I was up late and tracking, hoping to stay awake long enough to watch Luke cross the line, which he did in 8:37:33 for 10th Pro Male. I'm sure he wanted to do better but it seemed he didn't have the best of swims and then lost his nutrition on the bike.  

Around the time Luke finished, Dan kind of dropped off the tracker so that was when I called time and headed for bed straight after Mirinda Carfrae won in 8:38:53.

Checking results & updates this morning, it turned out both guys ended up in the medical tent, and Dan recorded his first ever dnf. 

Stef had a not so perfect day, going 12:37:33 and Roth also hurt Holly who came in at 13:58:14.

My fellow age grouper acquaintance was pretty stoked to finish in 14:48:10 but it appears to have been a very tough day at the office.

And what of Madonna Buder, participating at 80 something years old?  

Madonna Buder at Kona in 2012

The woman has been inspirational but given my thoughts during the week, I wondered if her body would again say enough is enough as it did at Kona that year.

Although there is a finish time showing on her record (16:48:00) and as much as I'd love to think she did it, there is a grey area & some conjecture over that time.

The cut off for the bike is 9 hrs 30 mins.  At 8:30:19 she still had 60km of the bike to complete. Twitter world says she was picked up during the bike and taken to the finish.  Some social media reports then say she did 17km of the run.  Photos have been published of her in the finish chute accepting the accolades of the crowd, finisher rose in hand. 

I hope there is clarification on this soon.

But back to my pondering on when do you call it quits.  Madonna Buder may turn out to not have finished Challenge Roth but at the tender age of 83 she started it, which is more than many ever do!

So I'd still like to think that ...

I've got my Challenge Laguna Phuket goal in place for later this year and Modonna Buder was inspiration enough to add a little more determination to that dream. 

13 July 2014

Tickled pink

I went for a run/walk this evening!

So tickled pink to write that I almost used CAPITAL LETTERS.

The last three weeks have passed in a blur of ill health, so it was nice to finally wake this morning feeling completely well again.

I've emerged from the horizontal looking rather pale with absolutely no trace of my Hawaii tan remaining. Sad that.

More importantly, my fitness has understandably taken a rather steep nose dive.  There really is truth in the saying, "if you don't use it you lose it".

I won't panic (just yet). 

Challenge Laguna Phuket isn't until 30 November 2014 so plenty of time to invoke my inner Comeback Queen again.  

Although I've definitely lost staying power, at least this time I won't be starting at complete rock bottom.

Good news also that my most recent scans, bloods and colonoscopy (all completed last week) have been OK'd and I have three months reprieve before my next check up is due.  

The one positive thing about having endured a couple of weeks of flu symptoms and being incapable of contemplating exercise in any shape or form is just how great it feels to finally get back out there!!

Dry season in Darwin is the very best time of year and I'm happy to be able to be out and about again.  Magic.

10 July 2014


It had to happen!

After what seems to have taken forever, I'm finally feeling a whole lot better.

Not completely 100% (still the odd cough and splutter), but well enough to contemplate going for a little spin on the bike.

With that in mind, I grabbed my Garmin to make sure it was charged.  

Once plugged in I really couldn't remember if I had downloaded my last session so decided to check.

As confirmed by Garmin Connect, my last outing was on the bike, 24 June & that's well over two weeks ago!

Going to have to recharge my Comeback Queen attitude as well as my Garmin, bike lights and my iPod. 

06 July 2014

Power of positive thinking

After enduring another week of coughing, spluttering and ringing ears I was feeling totally feed up with myself and so attempted to make an appointment to see my GP on Friday for a check up.  

No such luck! To start with my long standing GP has moved on and as well none of the remaining doctors had a spare spot.  There is a lot of this lurgy around so I'm sure they are very busy.

As the practice is located in town, I'm thinking it is the ideal time to change surgeries given that I will need to find another doctor anyway. A job for tomorrow perhaps. 

I'm still self administering various cold and flu remedies at the moment.  I do think there is some improvement but I'm told to expect at least another week of it hanging around.

I'm confident this hasn't gone to my chest, so I'm now using the power of positive thinking and trying to bring on a miracle cure.

My training is still at a complete stand still.  I did head down to the lake to watch the others swim on Friday evening and it was great to listen in to the chit chat about training and racing.

The main topic of conversation is just who is doing the upcoming local long course, IM 70.3 Sunshine Coast or whether or not Ironman Malaysia has been entered.

Those with Ironman on their minds are training with a real sense of purpose and wearing their wetties to combat what is for us chilly dry season weather .

Wish me luck with the positive thinking!

02 July 2014

Seven days on

A week later and I'm still dealing with this virus and haven't swum a stroke, turned a pedal or run a step.

I've taken more Panadol in the past seven days than I thought it humanly possible to consume.

Fitness is probably flying out the door very rapidly but hey, I'm all over this Comeback Queen routine so if it requires doing it all over again, count me in!

Now where are those tissues & panadol .....