06 July 2014

Power of positive thinking

After enduring another week of coughing, spluttering and ringing ears I was feeling totally feed up with myself and so attempted to make an appointment to see my GP on Friday for a check up.  

No such luck! To start with my long standing GP has moved on and as well none of the remaining doctors had a spare spot.  There is a lot of this lurgy around so I'm sure they are very busy.

As the practice is located in town, I'm thinking it is the ideal time to change surgeries given that I will need to find another doctor anyway. A job for tomorrow perhaps. 

I'm still self administering various cold and flu remedies at the moment.  I do think there is some improvement but I'm told to expect at least another week of it hanging around.

I'm confident this hasn't gone to my chest, so I'm now using the power of positive thinking and trying to bring on a miracle cure.

My training is still at a complete stand still.  I did head down to the lake to watch the others swim on Friday evening and it was great to listen in to the chit chat about training and racing.

The main topic of conversation is just who is doing the upcoming local long course, IM 70.3 Sunshine Coast or whether or not Ironman Malaysia has been entered.

Those with Ironman on their minds are training with a real sense of purpose and wearing their wetties to combat what is for us chilly dry season weather .

Wish me luck with the positive thinking!

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