07 August 2014

What's happening?

My blog has been a little neglected of late.

I can blame being stuck in that limbo land where things are happening but my target event seems a long, long way off. 

30 November to be exact!  

That's forever away and for now it is a matter of staying motivated to get to the pool during the last of our cooler dry season weather (who would ever have thought I'd be huddled gratefully in a cosy SOAS Racing hoodie on swim mornings in Darwin?).

The temperature drop this morning had me shivering by the end of swim squad even though the water temperature was around 26 degrees C.  We mature Darwinites feel the cold!

It doesn't seem that long ago when there was a general rule of thumb here that most sane people stayed out of the water during the dry - at least until the 1 September!!

Riding is saddle time with a purpose each time I venture out on Ms Trek and I'm back to off road and beach run/walks to try to prevent my feet from protesting too much. 

So step by step I'm slowly building toward Challenge Laguna Phuket and also enjoying the long slow jogs on the beaches close to home as well as taking the opportunity to explore a little while out on the bike. Love where I live!

Military dump leftovers on the beach

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