20 September 2014

I love where I live - but sometimes more than others!

I love where I live - but sometimes more than others!

And right now, this end of Dry Season build up to Wet Season period is the time I feel most uncomfortable living in Darwin.

Everything is dirty, most of the grass has died off and cars are covered in a thick layer of dust.  

Every surface inside our house is covered in dust and one can live in a perpetual state of "spring" cleaning,  unless of course you are a seasoned iron person and prepared to live in less than spotless in the name of getting the training done!  

I do draw the line at actually being able to write my name in the dust on the windowsills!

And Darwin ... well it looks just plain ugly and dirty. Nothing at all like the clean and green Darwin of the Wet Season. 

It's hot (we had the second hottest September day on record yesterday) and it hasn't rained in forever.

Burnt out areas are still smelling, well, burnt.  

These are the patches that sprout new growth as soon as the rains come, but when that will be this year is anyone's guess. 

Perhaps a little rain is possible towards the end of the month (please, please, please)!

Added to that the nights are getting hotter and sleep is harder to come by.  We have always tried to resist using the air conditioner until at least October but have already given in a couple of times.

It's too early to think I've gone troppo so that's just a little grizzle and it's over! 

In an effort to be positive, I'll move on to the high points.

I've nailed my run and ride training sessions this week.  Can't say the same about swimming and I'm clinging to the hope that next week will bring better news on the aquatic front.

So marching on towards Challenge Phuket some 71 days away, I've got the following stats happening:

Longest swim:  300m 
Longest ride:    60.20km
Longest run:     8.08km

In awe of Jens' Hour Record of 50.115kph (flying for an hour on his Trek) I checked my top speed today.  43.6kph which must have been attained when I was going downhill and probably maintained for all of 30 secs!!  

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