28 September 2014

Purple patch of progress

Going to touch wood and say that there has been some progress in my training lately.  

As much of the improvement has been with my running, that's a real bonus.

Since Hawaii 70.3 I was still struggling to run, unable to find the required head space to move from my comeback pattern of run/walk.  

Not sure why the change has come about, perhaps those interesting runs in London helped. Whatever, sure hoping that this new found feeling of being comfortable bopping along for an hour or so will continue (and increase as I've 21.1km to get through in Phuket)!  

Nothing earth shattering really, and probably laughable if you are fit, feisty and under 50 but having struggled to find that run zone again it's big deal territory in the Comeback Queen V2 stakes.

This week also saw a move back to open water swimming and my swim distance is now picking up.

It was a "gulp" moment when I first saw my training program for this past week but have zoomed through nicely with no ill effects.  More progress.

Next week brings more of the same on my program and there will be no putting off if I'm to be ready to toe that start line on the beach come race day.

Noticed also that our weather has well and truly turned. We are definitely getting more humidity and temperatures are increasing now. Makes for sweaty workouts and lots of washing. As well our nights have really warmed up and that has meant the return of restless sleep.  Fans have been turned up a notch at night but we are trying not to use air conditioning too much.

Word from the long time locals is that we are in for a very wet Wet! As much as I like the rain and the clean green it brings, can't help but now hope it doesn't kick in any time soon and disrupt this purple patch of progress.   What a difference a week makes, in my last post I was pleading for rain!

At 63 days out from Challenge Laguna Phuket here's a V2 update:

Longest swim:  2 km 
Longest ride:    61 km
Longest run:     10.07 km

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