10 September 2014

Reality check

My event countdown has Challenge Laguna Phuket at 81 days away!!!

But with the goal dangling, I've already been back in the pool, out on the bike and managed a whole 3km run (without stopping) since shaking the jet lag from the long haul flight back from London at the weekend.

The reality check - jumping on the scales for the first time in 3 weeks - shows I've some work to do there as well.

Another reality check, this time, the weather!  Our dry season (where we have stretched out to at least 102 days without rain) is coming to an end.  The humidity is starting to kick in and the weather boffins are saying ridiculous things like "it is the build up to the build up".

So here we are at 10pm and it's still 25.7 degrees C ... considerably warmer than our last few weeks in the UK ... and warmer than our southern cousins now coming into Spring are experiencing.

This Comeback Queen V2 effort is not going to be a walk in the park in the build up to the Wet Season but I will give it my best shot and see what happens.

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