12 September 2014

Self talk

I've shouted it to the world over the past few days that, yes, I am going to try to make the start line of Challenge Laguna Phuket.

That announcement was on the back of a swim, a ride and a little run that had all felt OK given the jet lag I was experiencing at the time.

Since then I've repeated those sessions and wondered if perhaps I wasn't just a teeny weeny bit premature in putting it out there, having found myself almost swimming on the spot, struggling against the wind on the bike and thinking a 3km run without stopping was a big deal!

So it was time for some serious self talk and then, as if they knew I was in need of support, Challenge posted this little gem on Facebook ....

Not long afterwards, my training program for next week turned up in my inbox and I found myself thinking that just maybe I could manage those sessions after all.

Following the stern self talk and armed with those two motivating "out of the blue" signs, I have my bike light charging, the cycle gear out ready and will hit the road tomorrow.

A current sit rep post London holiday update for my bid to become Comeback Queen V2:

Longest Swim:  300m
Longest Ride:   23km
Longest Run:    4.5km

As always, a run for me is a run/walk combo.

Event distance:

Swim:  1.9km
Bike:    90km
Run:    21.1km

During my self talk, I reminded me that the big bonus for V2 is that it's only just three months since I raced that distance so I'm not starting from complete rock bottom fitness wise, and have merely had a cessation of swimming and riding for a month.

I can do it, I told myself ... easy peasy!

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