09 October 2014

In Kona? Please keep posting!

It seems that most of the triathlon world has descended on the Big Island of Hawaii and those there to race are impatiently (well mostly) counting down the hours until the cannon fires and they get underway.

As I watch on vicariously through social media and via email from friends, I would love to be able to close my eyes and suddenly be transported to Kona. 

The race and the location are just magic and I count myself super lucky to have had the opportunity to compete there in the past.  

I can easily recall the highlights (and the low lights) of the course.  Nothing compares to treading water in Kona on race morning, the feeling of reaching the turnaround at Hawi, running along Ali'i Drive or emerging from the Energy Lab. And absolutely nothing compares to the Kona finish chute!

Race day will also be an anniversary of sorts.  Two years ago that was me strutting my stuff at Dig Me Beach, taking part in the Parade of Nations, trolling the Expo for schwag and just plain itching to get on with it.  

It also marks two years since I last experienced that "top of my tri game" feeling of invincibility that comes with a great prep for an iron distance event.  

Knowing now just how quickly your life can change, I count my lucky stars that I never once competed at Kona without realising just how privileged I was and never for a minute took it for granted.  

I still dream of doing another Ironman one day and perhaps even making it back to the Big Island to race in October, but for now it's enough to be looking forward to doing a small club event at the weekend and continuing my quest to be on the start line at Challenge Phuket.

Once the club race is done on Sunday morning, it will be home to kick back and athlete track those on my "favourites" list as well as watch the pro race unfold.    

So here's a plea to those there on the Big Island, please keep those tweets, photos, podcasts, videos and facebook posts coming! There are many people, including me, loving everything you post!  

Social media contributes to keeping those of us not able to be there feeling somewhat connected, part of the Ironman family and we get to experience a little taste of your excitement and energy, albeit from afar!

So thank you and please keep posting.

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