28 October 2014

Remember you heard it here first

It has been very much head down and tail up in the quest to convince my body (and Supercoach) that entering Challenge Laguna Phuket could/should be more than a pipe dream.

Having competed in Thailand in 2010 and 2011, I can still recall how tough the course is, so I already know it isn't an easy ask.

I tossed around the team alternative for a bit, but decided if I was going to bother travelling all that way with a bike, I'd rather have a crack at doing the lot myself.

So here we are 33 days out from race day and my Comeback V2 stats are: 

Longest swim:  2.5km
Longest ride:    80.47km
Longest run:    16:37km 

The swim doesn't really worry me, it's pretty much a given that I can make it through 1.9km with the run up from the beach and down the other side to the lagoon being the hardest part.  

The 90km ride is now looking like it will be doable, albeit slowly.

And the run? 

Mmm, now that's the million dollar question.  The deal for my longest run yet (on Sunday) was to see how I pulled up after and then decide whether to enter or not.

During that run, I seriously thought of starting a campaign to add another format to the sport.

We have swim | bike | run - triathlon
We have run | swim | run - aquathlon
We have run | bike | run - duathlon

so ...

why don't we have a swim | bike format???

If that option existed, my thinking was there would be many who would jump at the chance to compete. Just think of the number of times you hear "I can't run at the moment".

As I ticked off the kilometres on Sunday, I tried to think of a good name for this new format.





Whatever the name, I believe there could be a place for the format and right now I'd be lining up to enter. 

Just remember you heard it here first.

Having amused myself with that, my run went better than expected and I came home on a bit of a high and wanted to get my entry in there and then.

Daz wasn't as keen and said to wait 24 hours to see how I pulled up.

Wise words.  

My feet haven't been the same post chemotherapy, probably from nerve damage from the chemo drugs, and tend to feel uncomfortably hot as well as swelling.

Yesterday was a rest day but by evening my feet were swollen and I was hobbling a little. But no worse than before Hawaii so that was the good news.

But still no entry in.

Off to swimming this morning and I moved myself up the order a little and lasted the whole session and that was the clincher.

With the end of October on the horizon, it was time to stop procrastinating and now it's done!  I'm in. Entry now done for Challenge Phuket - 30 November 2014.


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