13 October 2014

Rested with renewed enthusiasm

Rest day - those lovely words roll off the tongue!

And there it was in black and white to start my week - a very much appreciated rest day on my training program.  Such a nice way to start the week.

Must say I did need it after ticking all my training boxes these past couple of weeks and competing in our local club event yesterday morning at Lake Alexander.

Lake Alexander - man made, salt water & croc free

With Challenge Laguna Phuket (Comeback Queen V2 goal event) rapidly approaching, Supercoach thought I needed a shake up so I came out to play over the short 300m swim, 13km bike, 3km run distance.

My brief was just to have fun but I was also to concentrate on my transitions.

Even though it was so short, I loved the swim. For some reason I swim so much better in open water and am always pleasantly surprised to come out with people I have no hope of keeping up with in the pool. 

Had fun on the bike but did feel the previous days hills in my protesting legs!

It was first triathlon I've done since Hawaii 70.3 and running (make that shuffle/walk) off the bike after almost five months was rather a rude shock!

Although you won't find me on page one of the results  I'm happy to report my T1 and T2 times stack up with the best of them!

There will be a whole lot more running off the bike from now on and I can already see a brick dialed in for the end of the week. 

So race done and dusted, it was home to channel remaining energy into go faster vibes to those competing in Hawaii.

The women's race was riveting and although I had to dash out on a couple of occasions, I did see Mirinda Carfrae cross that finish line. I was exhausted just tracking her, can imagine she was completely spent after coming from almost fifteen minutes down and breaking her own course run record to win - again! Hats off to the pro girls, they had as almost as many finishers as the pro men.

Like many, I also had friends and acquaintances competing at Kona and watching the coverage and tracking them is next best thing to being there in person.  

As the clock ticked over, a number of the age group legends failed to make the cut offs.  My heart went out to them, in particular Harriet who missed by a mere 4 mins to make bike time. Anyone who even contemplates Ironman at 70+ is a winner in my eyes regardless where they are stopped!

So after a day off and with renewed enthusiasm following my little taste of tri and all those inspirational ironman efforts yesterday, I'm looking forward to these next few weeks.  

The decision on whether to even take my bike to Phuket will be made a little further down the track, but after receiving a phone call from my oncologist this evening to say there are no significant changes visible on my most recent scans, I'm very optimistic I'll be throwing my arms in the air in Thailand next month however long it takes!

Not quite Ali'i Drive, but any finish is worth celebrating!

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