19 October 2014

Will it happen?

At 42 days out from Challenge Laguna Phuket time is flying and my body is protesting just a little more than usual right now so I'm thinking it is going to be touch and go whether I'm able to complete my Comeback Queen V2 goal after all. 

Here's where I'm at:

Longest swim:  2 km 
Longest ride:    73 km
Longest run:    12.2 km

Everything seems to be on track but unfortunately doesn't take into account how I'm feeling.

I'm blaming the weather!

We are in full on "build up" now and it's hot, hot, hot.  

My brick this morning was completed (just ... and the run wasn't pretty) in very sweaty style. No surprise really as the temperature was already 30+ degrees C and the humidity high before I finished around 9.30am. 

But that's only half the story.  Although I could tick the box on completing my training for the week, I'm completely spent.

Here in Darwin we don't really have seasons.  Instead we divide the year neatly into three periods. "The dry" which is from around May to early September, 'the build up" which starts from the first signs of humidity in September and lasts until the monsoon rains really kick in - which this year we are told will be late.  When the rains do come (usually around Christmas) "the wet" then lasts until about April, with dragon fly sightings said to be the sign that the Dry is on its way. 

During the dry the weather is perfect,  time flies and Darwin is a real tri training paradise.

But once the build up starts we can struggle, with swim, bike & run sessions seeming so much harder to complete.  

We are tired (nights are hotter and sleep can be elusive) and within a matter of days we can be looking for excuses before realizing it is quite simply the weather!

As if to reinforce that, we had a dry season breaking storm (complete with thunder) overnight on Tuesday.  Running next morning was bliss as the temperature had dropped, the gardens and trees all looked fresh and the frangipani scent was on the air.

By afternoon and the second run of the day it was again hot & humid and it was a real struggle to run and to remain hydrated.

Another factor making life difficult is that our local swimming pool is currently closed for pump modifications.  Supposedly only taking four to six weeks it means they only have two weeks to go.  A quick peek over the fence indicates that this time frame is highly likely to be a furphy! 

We are missing being able to go and throw ourselves in the pool to cool off.  We could make the effort to go to one of the other pools but the energy required to get there and back isn't readily available. 

The weather in Phuket around race date in past years has been hot and it can (and has) bucketed down on race day.

So with this most recent reminder of the toll the weather can take on body and soul, I've been second guessing myself as to the wisdom of putting my already compromised body to the test.

Will it happen?   

If my enthusiasm is a guide - definitely!! But I think I'll take another week or so before making that call and be thankful that tomorrow is a rest day from training. 

It will be months before we get dragon fly sightings again!

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