29 November 2014

Racked and ready

One more sleep and Challenge Laguna Phuket gets underway.

I'm racked and ready to go but a little apprehensive about what the day may bring.

The hills seem higher than I remember, the descents steeper, the roads rougher and I swear the locals are all driving just that much faster these days.

Cross your fingers for me, tomorrow has all the signs of  being a toughie which will make getting to the finish line so much more rewarding, however long it takes. 

23 November 2014


Chuffed (that's an Oz chuffed - very pleased - not a Canadian chuffed - ticked off) to get a mention in the latest edition of Australian Triathlete magazine after being contacted as part of a follow up on a number of people featured over the past year or so (you may remember 15 minutes of fame). 

It's kind of the boot on the other foot as I'm much more comfortable getting the word out about others in our sport!

The November/December edition has Mirinda Carfrae winning Kona (again) on the cover and I take it as a huge compliment to firstly be deemed worthy of a follow up and secondly to share space with such a superstar.

A big thank you to David Gurvich and editor Stef Hanson and a big shout out to David's mum who apparently read my blog from start to finish! 

19 November 2014

Good to go!

My bike is sitting quietly in our shed waiting to be packed for the journey to Phuket next week.  

Ms Trek has been through the Cycle Zone Darwin day spa treatment, has her Zipp wheels on and looks a treat. 

It is very much a pre race ritual for me now that my bike gets booked in for a service, wheels put on, brake pads adjusted and everything else checked and I'm not happy until Aaron has confirmed that I'm good to go.

He tells me I'm good to go.

But, then again, he is referring to my bike!

After shuffling my way through my last long run (my longest) today, I'm not so confident the same can be said about my body.

Bring on some recovery time I say and a quick glance at my training program says supercoach agrees!

So with just 11 days to go my ...

Longest swim:  2.5 km
Longest ride:    80.47 km
Longest run:     22.22 km 

Countdown to race day begins.

10 November 2014

I'm Still Standing

It has been a big week and then some.  

Time challenged would be an understatement!

Throw in family commitments, travel arrangements (event & personal), upcoming birthdays & weddings, catching up, farewells, a good dose of athlete tracking along with a serious training week and there's not many minutes left on the clock.

After wading through baggage allowance guidelines which seem to change on a whim at times, dealing with some airline flight time changes which were advised by phone and followed by no less than eight separate emails, then managing the seat allocations for those flights again,  I believe any travelling triathlete would be a good candidate for the front desk at a travel agency!

Aside from airport transfers, think we have it all sorted.

Have now decided to work on the "have passport, credit card & bike will travel" approach!

Now less than three weeks out from Challenge Laguna Phuket my confidence is high that I will complete the course.

(Did you notice my fingers are crossed behind my back?)

How the training is stacking up:

Longest swim: 2.5km
Longest ride:   80.47km
Longest run:    21.1km

That longest run post was accompanied by great surprise - I'm still standing!

And this is how I feel about it .....

05 November 2014

Eat, sleep, train repeat

I confess to feeling a little like a squirrel in a cage right now.

The days are flying by. My training is pretty full on (for me) ahead of Challenge Laguna Phuket, which is now only twenty five (yes just 25) days away.

Mentally I can knock over 80+km on the bike without too much fuss but it is the run or in my case, the run/walk which is causing a little worry. 

My right foot has decided to give me some grief this past week.  Should probably get it looked at but, ever the optimist, have decided that will be held over until after the race so long as it doesn't escalate on the pain scale.  A good excuse to put my feet up for a bit!

On the weather front, the Wet Season has officially arrived and last night we had a fantastic storm which rumbled through from around 3am.  Lots of thunder, lightning and a great downpour of rain so everything was looking much cleaner today.

That first good storm of each Wet is always cause for celebration.  A quick look at the weather radar shows we could be in for some more rain. We only need a few good downpours and the grass starts to grow and before long Darwin turns from dirty & dusty to cleaner and green.

Also earlier last night our neighbourhood was involved in a search for a missing child.  Thankfully it was a good news story for the family and the hundreds out searching!

I've eaten, it's time to sleep but not before setting the alarm for more training, this time swim squad!

So looking forward to being on that start line in a few weeks.