23 November 2014


Chuffed (that's an Oz chuffed - very pleased - not a Canadian chuffed - ticked off) to get a mention in the latest edition of Australian Triathlete magazine after being contacted as part of a follow up on a number of people featured over the past year or so (you may remember 15 minutes of fame). 

It's kind of the boot on the other foot as I'm much more comfortable getting the word out about others in our sport!

The November/December edition has Mirinda Carfrae winning Kona (again) on the cover and I take it as a huge compliment to firstly be deemed worthy of a follow up and secondly to share space with such a superstar.

A big thank you to David Gurvich and editor Stef Hanson and a big shout out to David's mum who apparently read my blog from start to finish! 

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