05 November 2014

Eat, sleep, train repeat

I confess to feeling a little like a squirrel in a cage right now.

The days are flying by. My training is pretty full on (for me) ahead of Challenge Laguna Phuket, which is now only twenty five (yes just 25) days away.

Mentally I can knock over 80+km on the bike without too much fuss but it is the run or in my case, the run/walk which is causing a little worry. 

My right foot has decided to give me some grief this past week.  Should probably get it looked at but, ever the optimist, have decided that will be held over until after the race so long as it doesn't escalate on the pain scale.  A good excuse to put my feet up for a bit!

On the weather front, the Wet Season has officially arrived and last night we had a fantastic storm which rumbled through from around 3am.  Lots of thunder, lightning and a great downpour of rain so everything was looking much cleaner today.

That first good storm of each Wet is always cause for celebration.  A quick look at the weather radar shows we could be in for some more rain. We only need a few good downpours and the grass starts to grow and before long Darwin turns from dirty & dusty to cleaner and green.

Also earlier last night our neighbourhood was involved in a search for a missing child.  Thankfully it was a good news story for the family and the hundreds out searching!

I've eaten, it's time to sleep but not before setting the alarm for more training, this time swim squad!

So looking forward to being on that start line in a few weeks. 

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