19 November 2014

Good to go!

My bike is sitting quietly in our shed waiting to be packed for the journey to Phuket next week.  

Ms Trek has been through the Cycle Zone Darwin day spa treatment, has her Zipp wheels on and looks a treat. 

It is very much a pre race ritual for me now that my bike gets booked in for a service, wheels put on, brake pads adjusted and everything else checked and I'm not happy until Aaron has confirmed that I'm good to go.

He tells me I'm good to go.

But, then again, he is referring to my bike!

After shuffling my way through my last long run (my longest) today, I'm not so confident the same can be said about my body.

Bring on some recovery time I say and a quick glance at my training program says supercoach agrees!

So with just 11 days to go my ...

Longest swim:  2.5 km
Longest ride:    80.47 km
Longest run:     22.22 km 

Countdown to race day begins.

1 comment:

  1. You'll have a great day out Robyn!