10 November 2014

I'm Still Standing

It has been a big week and then some.  

Time challenged would be an understatement!

Throw in family commitments, travel arrangements (event & personal), upcoming birthdays & weddings, catching up, farewells, a good dose of athlete tracking along with a serious training week and there's not many minutes left on the clock.

After wading through baggage allowance guidelines which seem to change on a whim at times, dealing with some airline flight time changes which were advised by phone and followed by no less than eight separate emails, then managing the seat allocations for those flights again,  I believe any travelling triathlete would be a good candidate for the front desk at a travel agency!

Aside from airport transfers, think we have it all sorted.

Have now decided to work on the "have passport, credit card & bike will travel" approach!

Now less than three weeks out from Challenge Laguna Phuket my confidence is high that I will complete the course.

(Did you notice my fingers are crossed behind my back?)

How the training is stacking up:

Longest swim: 2.5km
Longest ride:   80.47km
Longest run:    21.1km

That longest run post was accompanied by great surprise - I'm still standing!

And this is how I feel about it .....

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