19 December 2014

Recovery can't be hurried

It is nineteen days since Challenge Laguna Phuket and I can finally say that I appear to have recovered!

I've been feeling the changes occurring, going from exhaustion to tired to just a little pooped until finally this week the energy started to return as did the enthusiasm to get back on my bike, go for a swim and also to head out for a run. 

Recovery can't be hurried but living through the past couple of weeks in Darwin where the weather has been simply foul, hasn't helped.

Records for highest overnight minimum temperatures were equalled as we continue to swelter through the nights as well as the days.  We did have a storm roll through at 2am last night but that didn't bring any relief at all that I could feel and the forecast for the next week is showing that overnight temperatures will again hover around 28 deg C and we'll be maintaining our 32-33 deg C during the day.

With our home taking on oven like qualities it is now a relief if there is a slight breeze, to be able to go for a ride in the evening or stroll over to the nearby pool for a swim.  

Any exercise is best done in the early hours or late afternoon as the  UV index is at a constant extreme. 

Bring on the monsoon!  It usually arrives at Christmas but has been forecast to be late this Wet. 

Being in recovery mode I've been concentrating on getting all those neglected items on my to do list done.  One of those was updating Daz's calendar on his website and that of course started me thinking seriously about what event/s I want to do next.

We have some interesting local races coming up in the new year and there are so many added choices for destination races in our region, I believe it is going to be a case of getting blindfolded and pointing!

The only sure thing is that now that I'm recovered I need another goal and soon so looks as though Comeback Queen campaign V3 might be happening!

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