25 January 2015

Something is missing

Not having a firm triathlon goal on the horizon, I'm feeling somewhat adrift.

Conversations with me, myself and I since Challenge Phuket have acknowledged that I really do function better if I have an event that I'm training for and enthusiastic about doing.

Instead, right now, I'm casually working on maintaining fitness and taking advantage of the extra time available!  I'm enjoying aqua aerobics, long walks and sight seeing rides again.  This mini break from training has also provided time to concentrate some more on becoming clutter free (there is still a very long way to go) and to carry out some random acts of kindness.  

But something is missing and it is most definitely the answer to that often asked tri question, "What race are you doing next?" and I'll admit for once it has me scratching my head!

Having already decided that I'm happy to be in a supporter role at both Challenge Melbourne (this coming weekend) and Ironman 70.3 Vietnam (May) and perhaps also Cairns (in June), I'm scanning the calendar for inspiration and jumping out at me are the races in Putrajaya and Singapore around April.

Thinking I'll have a chat with Supercoach real soon about those and pending results of an upcoming scan, will sign up for one (or perhaps both) and start work on becoming a version three Comeback Queen!

Although I don't have that next event firmly locked in, I'm not totally tri-less. Today our club kicked off 2015 with an aquathlon (750m swim, 5km run).  I was down at Lake Alexander bright and early to set up check in, took a few happy snaps for Facebook and to encourage competitors. 

It was a great turnout for the first event back and the wet season weather gods were kind to us which is not always the case at this time of year!

The weather gods turned on a perfect morning

17 January 2015

Some days

Some days a bike ride can be magic.

I was out the door late this afternoon for only my second ride this year so far (I know, I know - not off to the start of 2015 that I was hoping for but better than nothing).  The aim - just enjoy it!

Not far from home I encountered a tree full of black cockatoos ....

followed not long after by a frill necked lizard sighting ...

We used to see a lot of these wonderful creatures around but unfortunately it is not so common to see them now. 

I was happy to stand and watch this one for awhile though we eyed each other rather warily and I made sure the bike was between me and the lizard. 

I only wish I had realised how to zoom on my new phone before I went riding. 

After this morning's heavy rain it was energizing to have the sun peep through and I just kept on riding, loving the tail breeze and Darwin's now clean green look, so different to just a couple of months ago when everything was still dry and dusty.

The white cockatoos were also out and about ...

Into the wind on the way back I struggled a little, but with so much to look at I was soon back on the foreshore and then heading for home. 

Some days you just have to take the time to "smell the roses" and enjoy the simple things!

12 January 2015

'Tis the season of smelly shoes

Our Darwin wet season rolled in late with the monsoon not arriving until New Year instead of usual Christmas.

By then we were all in various stages of mango madness and the rain was very, very welcome.

Just love, love, love our wet season storms when the rain hammers down, the lightning flashes and the thunder rolls through!

As appreciated as the cooler conditions are, they also herald the start of the annual battle against mould, smelly shoes and the inability to get things dry!

With two active triathletes in the house we are soon overtaken by soggy running and cycling shoes as we alternate a number of pairs to give them a chance to dry and air out in between training sessions. 

Regardless, we always end up needing to deal with smelly shoes.

I'm yet to find the magic cure but have found a number of hints including: 

1.  Fill clean socks with kitty litter and place inside shoes overnight

2.  Place orange peels inside shoes overnight

3.  Sprinkle fabric sheet with Tea Tree Oil / Peppermint Oil / Cinnamon Oil and insert in shoes overnight

4.  Sprinkle baking soda inside and leave overnight

5.  Lysol disinfectant spray

6.  Massage your feet with virgin Coconut Oil at night

7.  Make up a shoe spray with 1/8th cup of vodka, 1/4 cup of distilled water and an antibacterial essential oil (tree tree, eucalyptus, rosemary etc)

8.  Soak your feet in black tea

9.  Wash in vinegar

10.  Wash in hot water / don't wash in hot water

I'd be interested to know how effective these methods are if you have had this problem and tried any of those solutions.

At present we remove inner soles, then wash and hang the shoes to dry which seems to freshen them up until the next time they get wet and the smell returns.

Think I'll at least give the kitty litter a crack.

In an effort to assist drying shoes, the best $4.50 I've spent in awhile was a recent purchase of three shoe hangers which are now being fought over (at $1.50 each, why oh why didn't I buy more of these handy little gadgets?).

Smelly shoes and wet season aside, the New Year also brought some exciting news and I'm extremely chuffed at being named part of Team SOAS again in 2015.  

On the not so exciting front, a recent period of unwellness requiring a dose of antibiotics has delayed choosing a goal race and taken me right back to square one fitness AGAIN! 

So Comeback Queen Version 3 has been delayed and I'll just be on the sidelines at Challenge Melbourne in a couple of weeks.  The MOTH (man of the house) has entered Ironman 70.3 Vietnam in May, which I'll be attending in a supporting role.

Thinking I need to find that next race real soon as well as a cure for smelly shoes!