17 January 2015

Some days

Some days a bike ride can be magic.

I was out the door late this afternoon for only my second ride this year so far (I know, I know - not off to the start of 2015 that I was hoping for but better than nothing).  The aim - just enjoy it!

Not far from home I encountered a tree full of black cockatoos ....

followed not long after by a frill necked lizard sighting ...

We used to see a lot of these wonderful creatures around but unfortunately it is not so common to see them now. 

I was happy to stand and watch this one for awhile though we eyed each other rather warily and I made sure the bike was between me and the lizard. 

I only wish I had realised how to zoom on my new phone before I went riding. 

After this morning's heavy rain it was energizing to have the sun peep through and I just kept on riding, loving the tail breeze and Darwin's now clean green look, so different to just a couple of months ago when everything was still dry and dusty.

The white cockatoos were also out and about ...

Into the wind on the way back I struggled a little, but with so much to look at I was soon back on the foreshore and then heading for home. 

Some days you just have to take the time to "smell the roses" and enjoy the simple things!

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