15 February 2015

Looking for silver linings

I know, I have been slack in updating my blog and in truth I'm finding it a little difficult to write this now.

The year started well ...

... and following the excitement of being named as one of only a dozen SOAS Racing Ambassadors from Oz, I was bursting at the seams to lock in my goal race/s for 2015 and share the journey along with such an awesome and supportive team of women.  Cairns 70.3 was firming as most likely.  

We then dashed off to be on the sidelines at Challenge Melbourne earlier this month (held in horrendous conditions, and we almost froze on race day after watching in heatwave conditions last year).  It was a buzz to see athletes happy to take on the conditions and also a great opportunity to catch up with many people we know.  

After experiencing two years of extreme weather, the law of averages says Challenge Melbourne should have perfect conditions next year!  

Meanwhile the heart and head were more than willing but as new exciting races got rolled out in our region that I would normally jump at, I found myself holding back when it came to actually entering an event.

We triathletes know our bodies well and unfortunately mine has been sending some odd messages. 

So it's time to put it out there that although I managed Hawaii 70.3 and Challenge Phuket in 2014, I'm not looking like earning my third Comeback Queen crown for awhile yet. 

Since my last blog post I've had another round of CT scans and blood tests (these have been done every three months since my post op chemo finished). When results for those were available we met with my oncologist and he confirmed there was cause for concern and subsequently referred me for a PET Scan interstate as this can't be done here at home.

I had a bag packed and boarding pass in hand and about to leave for the airport when a call came through to say the PET machine was broken and to cancel the flights. That left a big cloud of uncertainty and worry hanging over my head until my appointment could be rescheduled. 

Rescheduled some ten days later, I flew down to Brisbane for the PET Scan. The results confirmed a "glow in the dark" spot. Damn, double damn!

We have now had time to digest the news and I was immediately referred back to my surgeon here, who has since referred me on to the wonderfully skilled specialist surgeon who operated on me so successfully early in 2013.

We will meet with him a week tomorrow, to discuss the plan, options and risks for tackling this latest hurdle.

Looking for a silver lining to the crap cloud we have been dealt, triathlon fitness is on my side once more.  

The benefits of being reasonably fit and not over weight are working in my favour by keeping open the door for further surgery, as is the fact that this is a completely new site and no spread is showing elsewhere. 

The silver lining also includes the motivation to overcome this with 100% effort so that I can be at the wedding of our son and his beautiful partner next month and then to be well enough to travel to see our daughter & her husband and meet our second grandchild, due in May. 

Daz is again winning the "supportive dude" of the year award by making sure I don't linger long on negatives and thanks to him, it's working. 

With much to look forward to coming up,  I'm approaching all the arrangements as though we were travelling for a triathlon.  Flights and accommodation are booked, race entry (referral letter to surgeon) is in hand.  Registration (meeting with surgeon) will take place next week, then it will be off to the expo (anaesthetist, dietician, blood tests etc) before check in (ward admission).  

Meanwhile I've got a pre op keep fit program to do with a little swim, bike, walk/run happening!

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