06 April 2015

I've missed it

Today was the day I cracked and decided enough was enough!

There was just no way I could get through until Thursday and the recommended 6 weeks post op. Although I had the best of intentions, the urge to ride was just too strong today. So, sorry Doc, made it to 5.5 weeks ... that's pretty close.

It felt awesome!

A tiny weeny 14.5km ride and I'm a new person.

Add that to some recent pool time, mostly wallowing but very enjoyable and reassuring to still be able to swim 100m at a time. 

Then there have been some encouraging signs during my walks (the urge to break into a shuffle) and I'm starting to feel like there is half a chance of making another triathlon comeback in the future.

And that feels really, really good!

I've missed it.  Challenge Phuket feels like it was years ago instead of just a few months.

Another six months of chemotherapy starts this Friday and I hope to maintain swimming, riding and shuffling as much as possible during that time - it helps!

A race start in 2015 may be looking a little doubtful right now, but I'll have fun trying to maintain some fitness, in my fantastic new team SOAS racing kit, so that I'm ready to start Comeback Queen V3 asap.  

But for today I'm just happy to have been able to get out in the sunshine and ride!

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