05 June 2015

Lucky, lucky fit folk

Right now it seems everyone I know is training for something!

They are putting in the hard yards in preparation for a variety of events including Ironman 70.3 Japan, Ironman 70.3 Switzerland, Coral Coast 5150, Ironman 70.3 Cairns, Ironman Cairns, NT Long Course Triathlon, Katherine Ultra Challenge, Darwin Half Marathon, and the list goes on and on.

Closer to home, we had our NT Olympic Distance Triathlon here in Darwin last weekend and there was certainly a lot of good form on show from local athletes. There were also some exciting close moments during the race and I was pleased to be able to see everyone doing so well.

Down side was the good form wasn't mine and instead I'm still benched and on the sidelines!

Daryl was competing and mornings aren't so bad fatigue wise so no way I would miss supporting. 

I managed to position myself quietly in a few different spots out on the course, hide under my SOAS trucker cap and take some pretty decent photos (if I do say so myself) of athletes in action.

With such a bird's eye view, it was an enjoyable, if somewhat frustrating day. I'd much rather have been participating!

I'd finished a round of chemo on Friday morning after enduring side effects I'd never experienced before and ended up in ED that night for about five hours getting checked out.  

Bloods, X-rays checked and some heavy duty painkillers under my belt I was later discharged on the proviso I return if symptoms worsened.

Of course, reassured, I readily agreed.  Hospitals are not my favourite places and Darwin's ED on a Friday night is not where you want to hang out any longer than is necessary!

Hat's off to the medical staff, they were doing a fantastic job during a very busy shift.  

Saturday still wasn't the best of days and bed called early that night followed by the early start Sunday to go down and watch the race.  

As much as I try to ignore it, fatigue sets in early afternoon and I admit to starting to wonder if this chemo lark was worth it. 

Monday was iffy and I had to have pre-chemo bloods done, but by Tuesday I started to feel human again and managed to get to the pool for a swim in the evening.

500m later and I was a new person.

Wednesday morning I got out on my mountain bike and enjoyed a ride - all 16 slow kilometres of it!

And I'm sure you know what happened on Thursday morning ....

.... there was me at sun up, plugged in to my Ironman playlist, walking mainly but managing to jog a little, albeit only a minute at a time!

The resulting high and feeling like I haven't completely lost my swim bike run mojo,  put a bit of spring in my step!

I'll hang on to that for as long as possible now that round 3 of chemo has started today.  

And I'll continue to follow the progress of all those lucky, lucky folk who have health and fitness on their side and look forward to tracking their progress at events near and far ....

.... but only until I can make a start line again myself because then I want to join them!

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  1. Well Robyn,this puts my whining about running in 5 degrees this morning in perspective. Thinking of you, sending much love and waiting to see you back out there again. xxx