10 July 2015


Just happens that today is a milestone day so thought I'd celebrate with a blog post (it has been awhile). 

The occasion?  It's hump day of my chemotherapy treatment. Woo hoo!

Four chemo cycles are done and dusted and I now get a recovery week.  Chemo brain is real - just saying!

On the positive side, it also seems so much closer now to that final dose so I'll continue to pop those pills very much looking forward to that next milestone.

I've lived with cancer long enough though, to know that nothing is a given.  

This treatment milestone point also signals time for some check up scans and some extra blood tests - all scheduled during my upcoming "rest" week. 

My next oncologist appointment will have some added stress attached until we know those results. Fingers will be firmly crossed (along with legs, ankles, eyes and arms).

In the meantime, I'm a little down that my fitness is once again slipping.  However much I try and keep active, each cycle brings a period of inability to get out there and exercise effectively.  

One of the side effects of my treatment (tailored to meet individual need) is hand and foot syndrome which appears in the later stages of my cycle.  

When that happens it's best to avoid any friction on the feet (ie I need to avoid too much walking, running etc). 

So no surprise then that I was limping after we travelled over to the east coast to watch Ironman Cairns recently (and the associated 70.3) as Daryl coaches a number of athletes who were competing and it seemed a good opportunity to get away for the weekend.

The extra walking, especially up at the Palm Cove transition areas the day before the race, really didn't agree with my feet, but I wouldn't have missed it for the world. 

On the race results front it was a super day for coach Daryl, and I loved being on the sidelines supporting and taking the odd photo. 

I was stoked to see my favourite triathlete Luke McKenzie achieve another milestone result when he added a second Cairns Ironman title to his impressive list.  

Congratulating Beth & Luke on their engagement & wishing them good luck!

It was exciting as well to see friends Ange Castle and Hannah Johnston grab 8th and 9th overall in the women's field.  

For Hannah it was a huge milestone, her first iron distance race, first in age category, first age grouper home and a Kona slot at the first attempt!

Ashan's result was also fantastic - a 5th in his age group and 21st Male overall (in such a huge field, I'd call that a milestone in his development as well).

The 70.3 men's field was totally stacked so it was awesome to see Tim Green come through and finish in 10th.  

Now working in Cairns, Tim was the first hometown guy to finish - yet another milestone for him - this time in his own backyard. 

The others all did so well too, with a number achieving their milestone first Ironman or 70.3 finishes.  Always an exciting moment! 

We stayed out on the course until my feet finally sent a message loud and clear in the form of a limp that I could no longer ignore.

For a few days after that I felt like I had done an Ironman rather than just watching!

Once my feet were back to near normal a few days after we returned home, I was totally inspired to get out and walk/run and ride but I don't think it's nearly enough to maintain real fitness.  So I've just resolved to do what I can, when I can and enjoy it!!

I did pretend to be a real triathlete though when I got asked to be in a Territory Day feature for our local newspaper.  I confess to trying to palm them off to someone else, but no go!

It was one of those quick little vox pop interviews and a photo to add to those of a number of Territorians of all walks of life, so you can imagine I did a back flip at this ...

... a milestone day to experience 15 seconds fame!

Even more milestones (in the form of special "0" birthdays of a number of friends & an engagement) have also meant we have had some enjoyable social occasions to attend lately.

With more of the same on the calendar over the next few weeks, I'm really looking forward to sharing the moment with those friends who will be reaching their own special milestones. 

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