29 August 2015

Happiness is

Having commenced my penultimate round of chemotherapy yesterday and with latest CT scans & bloods indicating I'm "stable", what better time than now to revive my inner "Comeback Queen" for the third time!

The goal is locked in as the Bali International Triathlon which is some 56 days away (race date 25 October 2015).  

Yikes, that's really not that far away for someone starting over again.
It's "only" an Olympic Distance.  I say "only" because my brain still thinks I'm up for an Ironman, unfortunately my body tells me otherwise right now.  

If 1.5km swim, 40km bike, 10km run proves to be beyond me come race day, there is a doable (surely) Sprint Distance and if all else fails, there is a fall back 5km run.  I'll be up for one of those in 56 days time (said with fingers crossed behind my back).

This race is a personal favourite - in 2007 we competed when it was the first ever triathlon in Bali and have returned most years since.  Billed the "triathlon of the soul", it has always been a wonderful feel good event and having your bike blessed is not something that happens at other triathlons.

The event wasn't held last year (the date clashed with Indonesian elections) so it is great to see it back on the calendar.

Bali is so close to home (just a 2.5hr flight) & the timing coincides with the finish of my six months of chemo treatment, so I think it is a perfect goal for this wannabe Comeback Queen!

On a high following a treatment "rest week" and with a couple of weeks on a very light (alternative to being permanently horizontal) program set by Supercoach Daz backing me up, here is where I'm currently at:

Longest swim: 700m (we won't mention how long that took)
Longest ride:   26.87km
Longest walk:  5.97km (we won't mention how long that took either)

I'm on the lookout for new speedsuit to wear in the swim as I need all the streamling I can get!!

Happiness is:

loving family, supportive friends, a bike ride, a new Comeback Queen goal and an end in sight to latest cancer treatment.

Life is good!

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  1. You are amazing. I hope the next 56 days go well for you :-)