25 November 2015

Dreaming of a white Christmas

Shout out to NT News journalist Kylie Stevenson who recently did this feature article in the NT Frontier section: The Big C - Dealing with Cancer, and yours truly got a mention.  

It is certainly motivating me to get out there on my bike and in the pool this week - obviously have to live up to that!

What is not motivating is the current heatwave conditions in Darwin - overnight minimums are hovering around 27-29 degrees C and the thermometer topped 36 degrees C earlier this afternoon.  

Water coming out of the cold water tap is around 30 deg C - ditto the water in our local pool. Neither are very cooling or refreshing.

I have a friend who brings a container with ice in it to the pool so that she can splash herself to cool off in between sets.  And that's at 6am in the morning. True story!

In the meantime we await the arrival of the monsoon, praying for rain before we all go troppo and dreaming of a white Christmas. 

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