10 November 2016

"Get Wet" Day

My postings over the past year have been sketchy to say the least.

From the high of participating at the Bali International Triathlon (over a year ago now) just a few weeks after finishing  a course of chemotherapy, things have kind of stagnated in the area of goal setting.

Aside from a weekly, very welcome goal of getting myself to a Parkrun for a 5km mostly Parkwalk, but occasionally a Parkshuffle, it's time to take a leap and rekindle my inner Comeback Queen attitude.

Again fortnightly chemotherapy is a constant in my life, so there are some days when it's not that easy, but looking back over my Garmin activities I've managed to walk/shuffle or ride (mtb) fairly regularly so I've decided I need another triathlon goal.

Drum roll, the 2017 Bali International Triathlon will be the target of this comeback effort.

It's far enough away (date to be announced but expected to be early September) to provide a carrot to get me out there to rebuild some fitness.  It also has a number of options, the Olympic Distance, a Sprint Distance and a 5km Fun Run

Swimming hasn't been happening mainly due to having a portacath inserted early this year.  It's accessed for 4 days a fortnight & then I need to allow a couple of days for healing so this has meant no swimming on those days and consequently it's resulted in virtually no swimming at all.  I can count on one hand the number of times I've been immersed this year.

So as a kickstarter for Comeback Queen V4, today was "Get Wet" day.

Success - I made it to the pool.

As if to prove how unusual that has been, I forgot to take a towel!

Never mind, I got there.  I swam a little. I kicked a little. I floated and watched the clouds.

And I wondered why I had left it so long.


  1. Love this post and so happy you made it for a swim! I need to have a "get wet" day soon myself!

    1. Do it Andrea! I'm looking forward to another dip today, trying to keep the momentum up before I'm out of action tomorrow when I get hooked up for chemo again.